Karela, The Key Ingredient of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes


Karela or Bitter Gourd is disliked by most because of its bitter taste. However, the truth is that it’s full of many nutrients required by the body. Thus, avoiding it only due to its flavor isn’t a smart choice to choose.

The most significant advantage that Karela retains is its healing effect. The key chemicals of karela are character and momordicin that assist with reducing blood glucose level. The antioxidants inside assist the body to overcome the complications related to diabetes. This is a home remedy which regulates diabetes in an efficient manner.

And consequently, nowadays karela is not just a food component, but also used in many different medicines such as diabetes.

Karela’s impact on diabetes

Karela has a fantastic impact on type 2 diabetes. The 3 active anti-inflammatory properties in sour gourd are charantin, Momordica and polypeptide-p that function together or independently to aid in lowering blood glucose level. Additionally, it comprises lectin that affects on peripheral cells, suppresses appetite and enhances glucose concentration in blood vessels circulation.


To physician’s recommendation, organic foods, full of antioxidants, are more apt for its diabetic patients.

And studies show that regular ingestion of karela or medications, having karela infusion, reduces blood glucose level and assures good health and ideal well-being. best Ayurvedic doctor in kerala medications for diabetes

Should you study thoroughly online, it is possible to discover great quality ayurvedic medicines, which are a rich supply of karela, are widely used for treating diabetes. Decide on a fantastic brand rather than compromise quality over cost. Medicines are better choices than ordinary karela juice since you don’t have to take any hassle of creating the juice every day.