All Time Great Movies On DVD


Films have always fascinated people all over the world. The essential films of the 50s and 60s have enthralled audiences with their glorious scenery, good storylines, and amazing star castings. These pictures have not gone out of fashion or even from our minds. These huge pictures have produced a permanent place in the hearts and heads of countless moviegoers.

We’ll be talking here a number of the crown dvd best pictures of all time that is available on DVD for home viewing.

One such amazing “must watch” is that the epic picture called ‘Ten Commandments’ according to the biblical tale of Moses. This film is very good to see the entire family. The style of Moses was depicted by Charlton Heston, who became immortal as the movie itself. The story in the bible is the origin of the plot, combined with it that the backdrop of age before Christ, where Jewish allies in which inhumanly tortured. Along with the fascinating life of Moses, these items combine to create this film an all-time great.

Another such bit, which springs to mind while referring to the all-time great films on DVD, is your traditional musical ‘Sound of songs’. This is the narrative of their VonTrapp family with seven small kids who lost his mother quite early and have been raised by their father captain Georg VonTrapp played with Christopher Plummer. Also, Maria played with Julie Andrews who functions as a governess for all these seven kids. The tunes in this movie herald the musicals of the era. One the very superbly taken, picturized and choreographed pictures of all time is the one, which we’d like to cherish on DVD. It’s an excellent movie, which is viewed by each generation and will stay eternally young in the heads of generations to come.

It’s all about an uneducated girl who sells flowers. The primary personality Eliza Dolittle played with none Aside from amazing Audrey Hepburn, and Professor Henry Higgins played with Rex Harrison. This Audrey Hepburn plays an awkward blossom lady with a thick cockney accent.

Another very wonderful heartwarming romantic film, which will be a fantastic watch on your house DVD is your classic ‘Roman Holiday’. Audrey Hepburn plays Princess Anne who’s tired of the rigorous protocols and nervous to have some fun before she’s crowned with all the responsibilities of those affairs of this nation. Both figures fall in love with one another.