Poem on independence day

The State Government of Uttar Pradesh has prohibited The production and application of Polythene bags of 50 microns from 15th July 2018, followed by a ban of all of the plastic or thermocol items like glasses, cups or plates with effect from 15th August 2018. Even all of the disposable polybags will be totally banned for use with effect from 2nd October 2018 in the event of Gandhi Jayanti.

It’s a good initiative on this year’s Poem on independence day from the State Government towards protecting our environment and cleansing our Rivers and water bodies. Recently the State Government of Uttar Pradesh has recognized the perils of plastic use and the harm it causes to the environment and health of people and animals. Along with being a hazard to the Environment such waste is absorbed by stray Cows and other felines posing a hazard to their health and lifestyle. Anyone found using such non degradable plastic substance is liable to be fined or penalized with imprisonment.