The Guide to Phalogenic Traction Wrapping


An overview of medical literature has shown that some nonsurgical techniques to increase penis size do work – but some lead to disappointment.

A study published in the Journal of British Association of Urological Surgeons discovered that grip methods were effective in extending span the Guide to Phalogenic Traction Wrapping.

The group examined literature about both nonsurgical and surgical procedures for so-called ‘male enhancement’ and discovered ten critical studies.

Half reported on surgical techniques performed on 121 guys, while others discussed noninvasive methods utilised by 109 guys.

One analysis of the grip method reported that an average increase of 1.8cm while at a flaccid state.

Still, another reported that the manhood measured an Additional 2.3cm average when flaccid and 1.7cm when vertical

But to achieve the results the guys needed to adhere to an arduous regime that entailed six hours of grip each day for four weeks in the first instance, and four weeks to get six weeks at the next.

Other methods that the scientists investigated comprised a ‘penis pump’ that uses a vacuum to extend the manhood.

The researchers stated that the usage of this pump had been proven to be successful if employed for a six-month interval.

Order and Gontero reported that ‘peno-sctroal’ rings, that fit around the manhood, might help to fortify size and keep erections.

The group said any increase in length didn’t increase the depth of this manhood, but also did not lead to any reduction.

The study comes after a sizable increase in the number of individuals seeking urological information for its so-called ‘brief penis’.

Many guys are requesting help since they are inclined to overestimate what’s deemed normal.

The investigators added that the organ is considered ‘normal’ when it’s at least 4cm when limp and 7.5cm when vertical, though some allowance has to be made for a person’s height and BMI.


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