Acknowledgment of the Divine Presence of Allah | Umrah Deals 2018

Witnessing the galaxy holding all the planets and stars, then life coming into being, and facing the death, these all proofs are enough to justify the existence of Allah. There is a power who is holding back the whole system of world because there no other way to maintain preciseness of the moving life on earth.

Accepting the presence of Allah only from the tongue is not enough, your personality, words, and actions should reflect your firm belief. When you act on something and keep the intention of it for the sake of Allah is solely your will to be protected. Your belief can help you in healing the wounds that appear on your soul. Life may stumble sometimes but at the end it all about believes, believing on the divine presence of Allah. His powers, his knowledge, and his mercy are unmatchable.

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The time when you feel a dire need of affection, harmony, and mercy, only God can help you cope with these uncertainties. Bow down on knees and seek help from one and only Allah. Don’t let harshness of life to ruin your belief on Allah and remember that your subtle need of being acceptable by the Allah is what made you ponder before reacting on anything. Let your belief be firm and grow with the passage of time. It is about acknowledgement of Divine presence of Allah, when you trust him for your matters of life. This is when you get true sense of affection from Allah.

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