Harmony with Humanity

Humanity is the real purpose behind the creation of this world. Human beings are supposed to be supporter of each other and are meant to stand by for truth. One cannot claim his love and affection for Allah until he is in love with humanity. In one of the verse of Quran it is mentioned about the signs for believers. So, look at your surroundings there are people with kind heart holding at least one of the attribute of Allah. Don’t hate them for their sin or appearance but love them for their purity of heart. Try to find the beauty in simplicity as it was the ornament of our Prophet (PBUH).

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Act, stand, and get involved in the matters of world because you are related. Every occurrence in your society is linked with you. Directly or indirectly you are involved in every event happening around you. Real man is someone who can feel the pain of other, one who knows that what people need around him. He is aware of his social responsibilities. If you think that society needs a new leader become one, if you know certain needs of the people build one, if you have an ability to serve the world by any means either it is wealth, education or power spread it.

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