Best Retro Toasters


Retro toasters browned all types of bread evenly and quickly. The slots are wide enough to take chunky slices and there are defrost and warming functions. A few points lost as there’s only one dial for browning control, there’s no messing around with this retro toasters. Choose your setting, use the stop function button (if needed) and you’ll get pretty evenly toasted bread. That is, if your loaf is of the “small white toasties” variety – larger slices may need to go in sideways. You may not want fancy extras, but have a clever integral bread roll holder anyway. It rises above the slots to warm, rather than toast, bread rolls and croissants. A decent toaster at a low price.At first glance, it looks like each of the four slots has its own control, but the Centre two actually operate the high lift function. When using, the stop button glows red and with the dial controls browning. This one feels like a more traditional family choice. Click here